Saturday, July 29, 2017

Caring for the Skin: Mary Jardin Skincare II

Hi everyone! 

So I am back again today with more reviews for Mary Jardin's products. Last week, I've talked (or written if you prefer) about the MJ Facial Soap and what I feel about it. Today, I'm just gonna go ahead and pick up where I've left off, takyah mukadimah bebel panjang-panjang. Haha. 

So the next item I'm going to talk about is... 

Number Two: Mary Jardin Clay Mask

I am absolutely hype up over this clay mask! So this is how the packaging looks like. It comes in a little glass jar macam bekas sos Prego tu. And the contents are in powder form. The powder is black macam charcoal gitu and it also has bits and pieces of oats. Boleh nampak la the different texture of the powder and oats. So, this mask is made of  bentonite clay, activated charcoal, papaya extract, lavender buds, etc. This information is available online if you google them and since I tau uols malas nak search kan, I've attached the photos below. These ingredients were also printed on the back of the jar! Again, loving the classic, english garden kinda packaging. Rasa exclusive bila guna. Hiks. 

How to use?

Okay, since it's in powder form kan, so kena lah bancuh dengan air. You can also mix it with milk, rose water and I've read somewhere that it's mixable with honey too. But I wouldn't recommend mixing it with honey because melekit! Haha. And also DO NOT mix it with anything that has an oil base. Nanti melekat hitam-hitam serupa orang minyak uols. Trust me, I've learnt it the hard way. Huhu.

So, on the back of the little jar, ada instructions on how to use this clay mask. First of all, take a teaspoon of MJ Clay Mask and put it into a bowl. I bought a mask bowl from Miniso (Daiso-like store) and it came with a little set of measuring spoons (photo below). So I just use that for this mask.

Picture creds to Google. My mask bowl is something like this but ofcs, I got it in pink. But I didn't the brush so I had to use a flat foundation brush. Price: RM10
Secondly, mix it with liquid of your choice including yoghurt, honey, milk, rose water, herbal infusion or plain water. I've mentioned some of these above. And I normally would just use plain water. Kalau ada susu, I guna susu sometimes. Kemudian, kacaulah sehingga sebati. Boleh feeling-feeling buat kuih gitu. Haha.

Alright, next! Apply the mixture to cleansed, damp face. What I would like to do is, lepas dah cuci muka using the MJ Facial Soap ofcs, I'd take a warm small towel and press it on my face. Biar pori-pori lebih terbukak gitu. Haha. But if you have a face steamer, use it. I don't so I had to get creative. Boleh je kalau nak tunduk menghadap semangkuk air panas kan? But lenguh tengkuk lol. So, I guna towel, celup dalam air suam, pressed it on my face for a couple of minutes, takyah lama-lama. On my malas days, I letak je towel tu on my face kejap. Haha. Haa lepas tu baru I apply the mask. I feel like the face steaming helps the mask to be more effective. Bila I "steam" my face, lepas I remove the mask, I feel like kotoran-kotoran tu lagi senang and lagi banyak keluar, compared to not steaming my face. You can ofcs skip this step, it'll work just fine. Still banyak jugak yang keluar. Cuma kalau you buat the extra step, the effect pun jadi extra la! Ya know what I meaann?

Oh and remember, avoid the areas around your eyes and mouth! Ni peringatan paling basic in caring for the skin, okeh?

So, leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash it off with warm water. But ofcs Aiza being Aiza, I'd leave it on until it dries and gets itchy because I usually would be watching a movie or something while pampering myself, so malas la nak bangun cuci. Haha. Don't be like me k gais!

Anyway, this is another extra step of mine. So I have like super stubborn blackheads and whiteheads on my nose and chin. Ofcs, I need to do all these extra steps to really get all the dirts out. Jadinya, lepas dah cuci muka buang all the blackness of the mask, I akan pakai the pore strip or a peel off mask. Alternatively. I've read somewhere - can't remember where - that pore strips are bad for your skin. But I love using it lol. So, do you.

Okay, that's how to correctly use it and how I use it. Haha. 


Haa.. Yang ni bau dia lain sikit. Still ada hints of lavender but the clay scent tu lagi overpowering. It has that earthy smell to it. Bau macam tanah lumpur camtu. So if you don't like scents yang macam tu, avoid mixing it with milk. Sebab nanti lagi unbearable bau dia. Haha. For me, I don't really mind. Bau dia pun sekejap je, masa apply je. After that, it's gone. 

Does it work?

Yes, yes, YES. Absolutely yes! I am so in love with this clay mask, words can't even describe it. Like I said, I don't have major problems pun with my skin. But I do have a lot blackheads and whiteheads on my nose and my chin. And it's really annoying. Degil pulak tu, taknak keluar even if I use the pore strip. I've tried a lot of things to get rid of them. Pergi facial pun, they can't clear everything out. Fuhh stress betul sis. 

But but but... Since Mary Jardin came into my life, kurang dah sikit stress tu. Hihi. This clay mask works like wonders. Masa apply tu rasa sejuk-sejuk je. Best gilaaa babs. And the reason why I'm so in love with it, lepas pakai tu, blackheads and whiteheads keluar dengan jayanya. Takde degil-degil dah. Omaigoddd. Seronok betul rasa. 

So this is my skin now. Yes, still ada lagi all the nastyheads. Sebab I malas pakai mask tu selalu. It's recommended to use them every week. Disebabkan seketul Aiza pemalas, I only use them like once a month. So kuranglah nampak hasilnya. Huhu. Probably if you use them as per recommendation, lagi kebabom la kot effect dia? Haha. So, nak cantik don't be pemalas like me! 

So yes, I would definitely recommend this! I love it so much!! Haa memang puas betul tengok semua blackheads whiteheads habis keluar. Kalau tak, satu dua je yang melekat. Blackheads degil pun boleh keluar, apatah lagi yang tak berapa degil kan?

What I hate?

There's nothing much to hate actually. I just don't like the fact that it's powdery and I have to mix it myself je. Leceh. Tu je. Tu pun sebab I pemalas je. Haha. Everything else, looove! 

Well, I guess that's it for today's episode of Caring for the Skin! Panjang dah I bebel and you pun penat dah baca kan? Sambung nanti pulak. I will see you next week for the last item in the MJ Basic Set. Please leave me pink hearts in the comment if you love my writing!

Note: I bought everything myself and really used it. This is not a sponsored post!
NoteII: Mary Jardin is launching their first grand outlet and some new products this Sunday, 30th July 2017 at the Star Avenue Mall (near Subang Airport). I'm so excited to get my hands on them! Hewhew.

Until next time, dearie.
Be original, be you.
Love, Jaja.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Caring for the Skin: Mary Jardin Skincare I

Hi everyone! 

I am back yet again with a new post. And a new blog. Lol. It has been a couple of years since the last time I blog, like actual blog - I tried writing a new post several times but they all ended up in the drafts because I kinda sorta gave up halfway through writing it. Uhuk. With the existence of other microblogging sites, rasa macam dah tak perlu ada blog. Banyak meroyan on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter je lah. Back then, blog ni lah segalanya. Haha. 

Okay, long story short, I'm gonna start blogging again. And this time it'll be a beauty blog! Okay, tak la. Meroyan benda lain gak nanti. Harapnya tak give up lagi lah? Ahaha. 

Anyway, moving on, today, I'm going to be reviewing the skincare that I have been using for the last 4 months. Kot. I bought them in March and now it's July. So this is a long overdue review. Hewhew. And they are.... Drumroll please! 


Mary Jardin is a local Malaysian brand which specialises in organic skincare. Ye, uols, the products are all organic! And it is founded by medical doctor, Dr. Maryam Al Batul Azizuddin. They used premium organic ingredients in their products to "create a cutting edge skin care formulation and bring you safe, effective and luxurious skin care yet affordable". You can read more about them on their website HERE!

Honestly, I am always sceptical when it comes to local products. Yelah, macam-macam produk ada zaman sekarang ni, ingredients apa pun kita tak pasti. Selamat ke tidak ke, pun kita tak tahu. Mana ada seller/founder product nak admit product dia guna bahan berbahaya kan? Sebelum nak beli MJ ni pun, berkali-kali fikir, buat research dulu. Haha. Gigih ye google, tengok videos on YouTube, just to gain info about this product, boleh dipercayai ke tak. Haha. Always do your research first k girls! 

Alkisahnya, I never really had a proper skincare products or routine before this - I only had a cleanser je k. I just can't be bothered. Haha. Sebabnya, malas! And then I decided to finally get a whole bunch of skincare products, like, the whole deal. Cleanser - toner - moisturizer - serum - blablabla. But knowing me, I didn't want to splurge into more high ends products. Later malas again, dah membazir je beli. Haha. As I was scrolling through my social medias, tengok-tengok kot ada orang share skincare routine dia. I legit tak tau what to put first ke apa ke, what this is for, what that is for - research ni termasuk dalam kegigihan research pasal MJ. Anyway, I saw my friend who is a Mary Jardin agent, raving about this product on her Facebook page. So I thought, macam nice je to start with. 

But of course, before every purchase, I would ask Encik Ha for advices. But he filled my head with doubts and I kept doubting sampai lah I found this one video on YouTube where the founder, Dr Maryam, was being interviewed. Her answers finally hooked me up on this product! Hikz. 

Okay, dah bebel melalut panjang. Let's get on to talking about the actual products! 

So, they came in this pretty package which consisted of Mary Jardin Facial Soap, Mary Jardin Face Oil and Mary Jardin Clay Mask. This is their Basic Set which I bought for RM150 because they were having a promotion. 

Normal Price: RM170

But they have promotions every month or so. So, fret not, you can always get a cheaper price, greater deals for this Basic Set! They have different combo prices too! Kena check their agents' Facebook page selalu lah for all these promotions. What do you think? Affordable? Or not? Hehe. 

For me, I think it's a little bit pricier than I expected. It's kind of leaning towards the 'non-affordable' skincare range. But I guess it depends la. If you're working, you'd probably find this affordable. But if you're a student like me, you'd probably find this a little bit expensive. Is it worth it? We'll see about that at the end of this post! 


I am absolutely loving the packaging! As you can see, packaging dia macam classic English garden sorta thing with all the lavenders gitu. Haha. It also reminds me of the Lavender Garden in Cameron Highlands! So bila pakai these products cam feeling-feeling classic, menghirup udara dingin Cameron Highlands. Gituhh haa. The packaging also buat the products nampak macam exclusive gila. Yeah, I always have a thing la for products with dark packaging ni. Suka! 

Alright, moving on. Now, I'm going to talk about each of the products in the Basic Set. 

Numero Uno: MJ Facial Soap

This is what the Facial Soap looks like. It's a oval-shaped bar soap with lavender bouquet design. I think it's pretty and smart la to use the design. Baru la lain daripada yang lain! Haha. This picture isn't mine tho because I've cut up mine and I forgot to take the pictures before cutting them up. Sayang k nak potong-potong. But, my friend suggested so, supaya boleh jimatkan sabun tu. And yes, memang jimat because I'm still using the one that I bought in March - can la jimat this long because I sometimes malas to basuh muka. Hewhew. 

So this Facial Soap is made of honey, oat, lavender extract, goat milk, castor oil, etc, all the good organic stuff la. And it can helps to moisturise your skin, clear out your pores, cure and prevent acne, etc. These information are available if you Google them. I malas nak tulis all. But I'll attach the photos la kan if you guys also malas like me. Haha. 


It smells so nice. Ofcs la kan, it's lavender! Bau macam dekat taman bunga gitu. So sambil cuci muka, boleh berangan tengah berlari-lari membelah angin dengan kekasih hati di tengah-tengah taman lavender utama. Kihkihkih. Yang forever alone tu cuci muka sambil meratap je la. 

Does it work? 

To be honest, I don't really feel like it does anything to my skin. It's probably working it's magic somewhere somehow but I can't feel it. Or maybe because I just couldn't tell? Haha. I don't really have a major problem with my skin. Just jerawat pasir yang tumbuh macam ditabur benih on my forehead during that time of the month and seketul dua jerawat sebesar alam. Since pakai MJ ni ada lah berkurangan sikit kadar pertumbuhan tu. And jerawat-jerawat besar pun jarang naik. Kalau naik pun, cepat je dia mengecut balik. 

Overall, it works somehow, I just don't really feel it. Like takde la lepas pakai terus wowww kebabom dah. Takde k. But then again, different people have different skin types so the effect might vary too. It doesn't work much on me, it might work on you! Yang penting it doesn't cause any break outs! So dia macam tengah-tengah je. Berkesan sangat pun tidak, memudaratkan pun tak. It's safe la. 

What I Hate?

Okay hate maybe is a strong word la in this case. The thing I dislike about it is that it's a less foam kinda formula. And personally, I like foamy things. Ofcs la less foam equals more clean kan. But personal preferences, I'd like it better if it's foamy. Haha. And also it's a bar soap. I don't like bar soaps. For me, it's kinda hard to maintain, and cepat habis. Haha. Kalau terbiar kena air je esok confirm dah cair jadi gooey and lose its shape. Bila dah takde shape tu, susah la nak guna. And once it's melted, it gets stuck to the container. So bazir. I prefer face washes in tubes! But that's just me, you could be different. Hehe. 


Individually, this Facial Soap is RM45 which is a little bit pricey than the ones I usually get from a drugstore. But it's still okay. Mampu lagi lah nak beli, considering it can last longer than a month. 

Worth it?

Well, it's not not worth it. But I wouldn't say it's worth it either. So-so lah. I'm kind of in the middle with this product. If it works, it should be worth it la. Since it works so-so je on my skin, I pun rasa so-so je berbaloi beli. Haha. I would recommend this to people with major skin problems and those who has a lot to spend. If you're like me, a student with limited budget and not so much skin problems, then skip this product! 

So I think that's about it with the Facial Soap. Whewwww. Panjang benor bebel baru satu produk. 
Okay, we'll stop here first. Later I sambung part II of this skincare. Penat woi taip panjang-panjang. And for sure you guys pun penat baca. Haha. 

Until next time.