Monday, September 18, 2017

Caring for the Skin: Mary Jardin III

Hi everyone! 

It's been awhile since my last post isn't it? Well, I actually got lazy and then life gets in the way, a lot went on that kept me from writing this post. Hoho. And I got insecure with this whole idea of reviewing products, like, everyone else is doing it and some even better than I am, so why do I bother? This too kinda stopped me from writing. It took awhile to get back up and remember why I'm doing this. BECAUSE THIS IS MY PASSION. I'm doing this because I love it. Okay, ingat ye dear self.

Anyway, in my last post, I've talked about the Mary Jardin Clay Mask and what I think about it. I am absolutely living for that product! Hah! I spent a week in Kuantan the other day and I didn't bring my clay mask with me. I felt like dying! I went straight for it as soon as I got home and baru lah aman bahagia semula kehidupan ini. Haha. Okay, moving on...

So today! I will be talking about the third and final item in the Mary Jardin Basic Set, which is...

Number Three: Mary Jardin Face Oil

This is how the Face Oil looks like. It comes in a little glass bottle with a dropper, like any other Face Oil I guess. Of course, there's a sticker with the Mary Jardin logo, pretty picture of lavenders, the ingredients and the instructions. This cost me RM65 on its own and a little cheaper if you get it in a set! I think this is considered cheap comparing to other Face Oils available in Sephora. I have yet to find anything else cheaper than this. If you do, let me know!

These are the benefits and ingredients of the MJ Face Oil. Still 100% natural! It smells so nice, macam lavender (ofcs)! Masa mula-mula pakai dulu, I nak pakai banyak-banyak kali just for it scent. Hoho! 

Okay, to be honest, I was sceptical with using Face Oil! I have oily skin before, so macam kalau pakai oil, tak ke bertambah-tambah shine bright like a diamenggg tu kan? Anyway, my friend convinced me to try and I, ofcs, did. Haaaa ever since that moment, I am definitely living for this! It definitely does not make my skin more oily than it already is. In fact, it kinda controls the oil a little bit. My face doesn't get as oily as it used to be la.

As you can see from the picture above, it was claimed to help hydrate your skin. I can absolutely vouch for that! Yes, my skin feels so hydrated and moisturised and glowing. I don't even need to put on any other moisturizer. It does say at the back of the bottle that the Face Oil can be used as a cleanser, a moisturizer and even a make up remover! So tepek Face Oil ni je dah cukupppp. Hoho. And below are pictures of me before and after using this MJ Face Oil.

This is me before using MJ. Dahi hitam sebab penuh dengan bekas jerawat puberty. Hoho. And sebelum start pakai MJ ni, any parut pun akan bermaharajalela dengan sekian lamanya kat atas muka. With MJ, it still takes some time but it goes away faster than it did before. Faham tak? Haha. Time ni kalau nak keluar, mesti nak tepek2 foundation la, bb cream la, segala macam la sebab nak bagi kulit tu nampak sekata sikit. Hihu.

And this is me after using the Face Oil. Terus confident nak keluar barefaced, tepek Face Oil je (and sunscreen kalau keluar siang) and calit lipstick sikit. Hoho. Takyah mekap beria pun okay but I still do because I'm just obsessed with make up. Haha.

However, do keep in mind that it has make up removing properties, as per normal oil does, so you might not want to use this before your make up. Nanti dah penat-penat mekap, boleh pulak mekap tu lari ke hujung benua. So try to avoid using it immediately before make up! Bagi dia masa untuk sink in your skin dulu baru apply make up. Kalau tak, rosak la mekap chuolls.

Also, kalau nak barefaced pakai Face Oil saja and keluar during the day, please put on sunscreen. Kalau tidak, boleh terbakar la kulit kena goreng dengan cahaya matahari. Hoho. So the best way, in my opinion, is to use it as a night skincare routine. Sebelum tidur tu tepek la sikit Face Oil ni. I'm using it night and day because it's my holy grail. Rasa macam tak lengkap hidup kalau tak letak Face Oil ni. Hewhew.

It also takes some time to work la. Takde la sekali tepek terus kebabom cantik kulit. No, it's not a fairy godmother ya! Consistent pakai, amalkan both the Face Oil and the Clay Mask, haa then can la kebabom lawaaa! As for me, it helped with my scars a lot. Kalau dulu, makan berbulan baru hilang parut. Now, in weeks je dah nampak parut tu mengecil, mengecil dan terus mengecil hingga hilang dari radar. Haha.

The Face Oil and the Clay Mask are my holy grails and I for sure akan beli again and again. But the Facial Soap, I tak minat sangat because you can definitely get something similar in terms of quality but with cheaper price in drugstore la. Pendek kata, takde yang special sangat Facial Soap dia. Face Oil and Clay Mask, tiada gantinya! Hoho.

Well, I guess that's it! Habis dah pun bebel pasal Basic Set Mary Jardin ni. Sampai 3 episod kau haa. I'm currently trying out their new Lavender Rose Collection. So, tunggu la berbulan kemudian baru keluar review! Hahaha.

Hope you enjoy my writing and please give me some pink hearts if you do. Hehe.


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