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Making Up for the Flaws: DYXY Cosmetics

Hi everyone! 

Gambar ihsan Google. I really need to take my own photos. 
I was meaning to get this entry up on Tuesday but unfortunately I got sick and had to hold it off until I'm better. I hardly ever get sick like catching a cold or having a fever like that - I always get migraines tho - but when I do, it's the worst. Hah! I've spent about 2 days in bed, sleeping every now and then, hardly ever eating because my throat hurts like helllllll. Telan air liur pun macam telan pisau yalls. And today I am better and back on my feet! 

Also today, I'm introducing a new series! Hohoho. Which, you can obviously read it in the title up there. Yes, it's Making Up for the Flaws series which entails review of make up products. So, to start this series off, I'm gonna be talking about - as you could already probably tell from the title and the photo above - DYXY Cosmetics

I bought these products from a friend. Yes, I have a lot of friends selling all sorts of products. Anything I want, I'll buy from them instead of other random seller. Kira macam tolong kawan jugak. Tengah seronok menyelam tu, jumpa pulak kawan, kita kasi la dia oksigen sikit. Boleh gitu? Hahaha. I will include her details at the end of this entry in case you're interested - which reminds me, I forgot to include the details of my other friend who is selling the Mary Jardin products!

DYXY Cosmetics is a local Malaysian brand. I know I know, we cringe a lot when it comes to local products. But my aim is to talk more on local products because let's face it, some of them are really good in quality and comes in affordable prices too (also because popular/international brands already have a lot of exposure)! And also, with loads of new brands popping here and there like mushroom, some even using fake make ups, jenis beli borong, repack, etc. So! This little blog of mine should be able to help yalls out there to know which are good and which are not. And create awareness on the harmful effects of fake make ups along the way! Sambil menyelam minum air gitchewww! 

Moving on!

DYXY Cosmetics is famous for the BC Cream Foundation - yes, the name got me confused too, is you a BC Cream or is you a foundietion? - and I bought all of the 3 products shown in the picture above. And of course, I bought them in a set which was still quite pricey in my opinion. Alright, before we start talking about the prices, let me just talk about the actual products first okay? I'll make it short and fit everything in one post this time! (hopefully)

First one up, the DYXY Chubby Brush! Well, they don't exactly have a name for it but it's chubby so I'mma call it chubby.

Credit: Google
Here's a closer look of the chubby brush. The photo is, of course, taken from Google. I was planning to take my own photo but I left the brush in my make up bag in my other house. Hoh! To be honest, the whole reason I'm interested to get my hands on the products was because I wanted to get this brush! This is what caught my eyes but the price was not worth it for one brush! So I actually contemplated on getting this whole set for months before actually deciding to buy - tu pun because finally there's a promo set which included the brush together.

About the brush: it has a short and chubby handle (like me) with synthetic bristles and it feels heavy - like the money it costed. It's super super dense so that really helped with blending and buffing out your foundation. There's nothing super special about but it works. I don't it's any different or better than all of the other foundation brushes I own. They claimed that this is a beauty blender with a handle and I don't actually disagree with that!

Drawbacks: It. Falls. Out. It's not that bad but there's some that fell out on my face and even in the BC Cream pan. But it could also be because I was rubbing it so hard on my face when you're supposed to use it like a beauty blender, that is, by dabbing motion. Hoho.

My thoughts on the brush: DO NOT GET IT! I like it (despite the fall out), don't get me wrong, it is just not worth the high price. At all. It is RM45 for one brush y'alls. If you go on Lazada or Shopee or Shopback (btw, if you're not signed up with Shopback, please do so using my link here - hehe sempat!) you can find similar brushes with far cheaper prices! They usually wholesale for RM5-RM7 each. Although, there is no guarantee that the quality will be same! I had this doubt so I still got the one from DYXY. Hewhew. Anyway, if you've tried the cheaper one, let me know how it feels!

Alright, let's move on to the next item! The DYXY Green Tea Face Mist!

Okay, this one is my own photo. 
Finally using my own photo and based on that you could probably tell what I'm going to say about it. I've used it all the time that it's almost empty!

About the product: It comes in a typical spray bottle and you'll get 160ml of product, which is pretty decent for the price and for a face mist. You should be good for the next couple of months with that amount of product - I used it up in lesser time tho. It's supposed to give a glowing, refreshing and moisturising effect, helps with getting rid of pimples, helps your make up last longer, and it has anti-inflammatory properties. It's made from organic ingredients so it's suitable for sensitive skin too!

Drawbacks: I find it a little bit sticky despite them claiming it not to be. But I guess that's how it helps with making your make up last longer? I dunno.

My thoughts on the product: It is pretty safe to say that this is by far, my favourite face mist! This one definitely worth the RM45 it costed me. It really is refreshing on the skin and on the nose. Haha! It's a green tea face mist so of course, it has a green tea scent and every time I spray it on, I'm in heaaaaven. I can also vouch for the effect it has on pimples! I had one giant pimple on my forehead the other day, and I spray this face mist before going to bed. Waking up the next morning, it shrank! Hoho. So yes, so much love for this product. This one gets a recommendation from me!

Day 2
 It was suggested that this face mist can be used on top of your make, particularly for people with dry skin, to get that glowing effect. I have kinda sorta oily skin so I don't need to do that and also, I ain't spraying no face mist on top of my make up, sis. So, I don't know how that'll work out. I only use it after I've cleanse my face as a substitute for a toner.

Oh, and, it's suitable for guys too!

Okies, now it's time for the star of the show! The DYXY BC Cream Foundation!

Yes, hello, here's a me with the BC Cream!
About the product: Okay, first of all, what the hell is a BC Cream? Well, it's a "make up revolution from Korea which combines BB cream and concealer". SO, sebab dia lots of mix tu, it's supposed to give you a major coverage and even out your skin tone. Basically, it's a cream foundation which comes in a compact with a sponge applicator. It has SPF 50 and said to last for more than 8 hours. As any typical local product, this too, only comes in two light shades, Natural and Beige.

My thoughts on the product: I'm kinda on the fence with this one. I've only used it on my face a couple of times and both were just for this review purposes. I got it in the shade Beige because my friend suggested it and because I have kinda sorta fair skin. But it is way way WAY too light for me. I had to use very minimal amount for it to be okay-looking on my face. But I've used it a lot for cleaning up my eyebrows! An example of that is in the photo above. It's perfect for that because it's also a concealer!

This is me using a decent amount, you can immediately tell that my face and neck don't match. Although it was named Beige, the undertone is kinda pinkish which is wrong for me so I ended up looking super white and pale. If you dig this kind of make up, sure, go on ahead and get this shade. But for me, I'd prefer a more natural looking make up (at least for my base). Hence, I would recommend getting the Natural shade instead of Beige. As far as coverage goes, you can absolutely build it up. I would say it's medium to full coverage. Yaaa segala celamu bisa tersorokkan.

In terms of how it wears, I found it to get very oily (despite them claiming not to) throughout the day and I had to blot every two hours or so if I'm out and about in the sun or just about in general (I sweat a lot). But if I'm staying put in an air-conditioned room, I'll be good for about three hours or so. This is a glowing, dewy finish type of foundation and I, for one, prefer a matte finish because of my oily skin. So, yeah, this is not something I would reach for if I'm out for a whole day, ain't got time to keep blotting yalls! In both times that I used this, I primed and set my face with powder, to give this product the same chance as my other foundation!

This is me after 2 hours or so of out and abouting.
This is me after about 3 hours staying pun in AC. 
Alright, what else? Other than the oiliness and blotting issue, I think the product is pretty okay. It's easy to blend, I have no issues with that. But I hate the sponge applicator it comes with because it feels sorta stiff and weird on my skin. It did last up to 8 hours with minimal creasing and fading away. But with a lot of blotting you kinda have touch up a lot too. It transfers just a tiny bit and feels a little sticky.

I think that's all I have to say about the BC Cream (some might have slipped my mind). If it doesn't have the problems I mentioned, I would've probably like it more because once blended, it looks like my skin but better! And, yeah, if I had gotten the Natural shade it would've worked better for me. Oh, and this costed me RM85. Well, I bought everything in a set and they actually costed me, in total, RM145, if I'm not mistaken.

Anyway, if there's anything I forgot to mention, just hit me up and I'll try to answer it. And if they come up to me while I'm in the toilet, I'll update this entry!

In conclusion, I like the brush, I'm on the fence with the BC Cream and the Face Mist is my holy grail! Well, then, I think that is all for this DYXY Cosmetics! If you like it, leave me pink hearts down below, yeah? Whew! This is one hell of a long post! Hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time,
Aiza Kamal.

P/S: I've been writing this entry since Thursday!
P/SS: I've read on Twitter that this product is a repack, rebrand kinda product. I thought it was legit but then I've read another tweet from the same girl and she said, "ya, betul, best friend founder sendiri yang bagitahu". Oh, well, that's when I knew it could be shit. Best friend founder tak semestinya betul baik, betul tahu bisnes founder itu ye dok? Best friend kuat iri hati best friend dia berjaya pun wujud noks. So I chose to disregard that. But if you have more info on that than I do, let me know! Tinkiu. ^.^

DYXY Cosmetics Agent:
IG: beutylav
FB: Fahida Sabaruddin
Phone: +60 11-3741 4434

Mary Jardin Agent:
FB: Khairunisya Opie
Phone: +60 13-291 4815

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