Friday, January 5, 2018

2018: A Better Year

Hey guys! It's been awhile.

Phew! I honestly have a lot of reviews waiting to be write up but life always gets in the way. Kahkahkah. Padahal malas. 

As for today, I'm writing a new year's post! It's a little late because I had an exam today and spent most of my time after the new years eve, burying my head in my notes. Tipu ja, tengok Naruto yang lebih. 

2017 has been a crappy, hard and horrible year for me. By far, it's the worst year out of my 21 years of existing on planet Earth. A lot went on and I was in a very emotionally unstable state. I even had several depressive episode where I just spend the day sleeping, getting up only to eat and doing nothing else. It's horrible. 

I started planning and doing a few things to keep me distracted. To keep my mind of the problems I am facing, the hurt I am feeling. Even this blog was meant as a distraction. It's unhealthy to suppress your problems, but I couldn't find a better way to cope at the time. Alhamdulillah, I have such amazing support system, that's you guys k Kadesheng and Ha. 

Another thing that I started was:
joining a business!

It was originally meant as a distraction and I only wanted to help out Ha's sister. He's been nagging me about it for about year then. But I had zero interest on business. Like, I just can't be bothered with it. Anyway, things happened and I needed some money, but I was too lazy to get a part time job. It's tiring weh. And joining Kakak as a dropship was actually a good start! Also, I figured, if I fill my mind with some other stuff, I wouldn't be thinking about those horrible things so much. Long story short, it actually got fun and I enjoyed writing some stuff up to promote the products. Sebab tu blog terabai kan? And I decided to upgrade myself to an agent! Weee~ Wish me all the luck in the world k?

So, that's last year's. 

I aim to leave all the hurt and hate behind. 
I aim to work so much harder for my future. 
I aim to no longer look back at those who left me. 
I aim to make this a better year. 

I have so much planned for this entire year, for my business, for this blog, for life. As for HaAi's relationship, we aim to at least save up to RM15k each this year. It's time we finally do something rather than just talk about our future together. Let's pray we actually make it! 

Also, I'm graduating in July! Yippp. 2018 is really is the year for me. 

Semoga tercapai segalanya!
Aiza Kamal
5 Jan 2018
Atas sofa, depan TV.

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